Community Resources Committee

The Community Resources Committee plans and implements programs to help the needy in our community, such as the recent Meal Program at Katora Coffee.

We're looking for local businesses willing to donate distribution space, food, clothing, toiletries, or anything else which might be of use to those in need.
We're also looking for volunteers to help coordinate and execute our next actions, whether they be distributing toiletries, giving haircuts, or washing clothes,

Contact the Committee Chair (Sean)

Membership in this committee is open to any FGP member in good standing, and is registered by subscription to the committee mailing list.

If you would like to join this committee, you can subscribe HERE. NOTE: This server also hosts other domains, so your browser may produce a "Site Certificate" warning, stating that the site claims to be "" (for example). It is safe to continue to the mailing list page, which you can do by looking for an "Advanced" or "Details" button on the warning page.

View the meal program poster here.
View the meal program 2x2 flyer here.

Meeting Minutes: