FGP on temporary hiatus

The FGP is temporarily on hiatus until the coronavirus pandemic abates and the local library (where we meet) re-opens.

We'd love to see you come back to the party when we resume. We will likely hold officer elections immediately upon re-convening, so by all means take a look at our bylaws and consider nominating yourself.

FGP Meeting Cancelled Wed. March 25

Greetings Fredericksburg Green Party members --

As you probably expected, we will be forced to cancel this month's meeting, scheduled for this Wednesday, March 25 at the downtown library. We are sorry for any inconvenience, and hope that in the meantime you continue to stay up-to-date with state and federal-level Green Party issues, at the links below.

FGP Officer Elections

The Fredericksburg Green Party will be holding internal officer elections at its regular business meeting July 24th.

Don't miss our July meeting -- We will be electing officers and committee chairs, and encourage you to nominate yourself for one of these positions. Here's your chance to show us how you think these jobs should be done! These offices include the following: