FGP Officer Elections

The Fredericksburg Green Party will be holding internal officer elections at its regular business meeting July 24th.

Don't miss our July meeting -- We will be electing officers and committee chairs, and encourage you to nominate yourself for one of these positions. Here's your chance to show us how you think these jobs should be done! These offices include the following:

  • Chairperson : Currently Sean Imanian
  • Secretary ("Scrivener") : Currently vacant
  • Treasurer : Currently Gerald Anderson
  • Webmaster : Currently Chris Fink
  • Parliamentarian : Currently vacant
  • Meal Program Committee Chairperson : Currently Sean Imanian
  • Environment Committee Chairperson : Currently Joanna Berger
  • Labor Committee Chairperson : Currently Sean Imanian

Details on the powers and responsibilities of some of these offices are found in our bylaws. To qualify for any of these offices:

  • One must be a registered member of either the local Fredericksburg Green Party, the Virginia State Green Party, or both.
  • One must not be an officer of any other political party.
  • One must agree to adhere to the Greens' 10 Key Values.

Another item we will be discussing is the dues proposal, with suitable work offsets. The current proposal can be found here: