FGP Meeting Cancelled Wed. March 25

Greetings Fredericksburg Green Party members --

As you probably expected, we will be forced to cancel this month's meeting, scheduled for this Wednesday, March 25 at the downtown library. We are sorry for any inconvenience, and hope that in the meantime you continue to stay up-to-date with state and federal-level Green Party issues, at the links below.

We will also be holding internal elections soon for the following offices, so please consider stepping up to volunteer for one of these positions. We strongly believe that rotating new people into our offices on a regular basis makes for a healthy organization.

  • Community Resources Committee Chair
  • Labor Committee Chair
  • Coordinator
  • Webmaster

Not only will you gain valuable experience which looks good on a resume', but you'll also be helping your local community organize to bring about important changes that the major parties otherwise wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole, such as Ranked Choice / Instant Runoff Voting, true redistricting reform, ballot access reform, and rapid conversion to a post-fossil-fuel economy. So stay tuned!


- Chris Fink